Christine Hytch

BA (Hons), PGCE, MLCHom.
Certified Cease Practitioner.

Tel: 01566 781 836



Homeopathy to support Autism                                          

I am a certified CEASE practitioner having trained on the 1st UK course in 2011 in Cambridge  with An van Veen M.D. and Ton Jansen, two Dutch homeopaths who both worked alongside the late Tinus Smits, the originator of CEASE therapy.

Dr. Tinus Smits, a Dutch homeopath and M.D. developed CEASE therapy over a number of years through his work with over 300 Autistic children and young people. 

He found that traditional / classical homeopathy only went part way in the healing process of Autism and that by adding a form of homeopathy known as Isotherapy, the systematic de- toxification of various substances such as the metals aluminium and mercury , the treatment became much more effective and achieved some truly remarkable responses.

autismbeyonddespaircoverTinus wrote about his findings and his approach to working homeopathically with Autism in his book ‘Autism, Beyond Despair. Cease Therapy.’ 

More information is available at:

I worked with many children and young people with Autism during my years in education and know how challenging life can be for both them and their families and am now passionate about using my skills as a homeopath and Cease practitioner to help anyone with Autism achieve their potential.

I feel very privileged to be able to work with Autistic children and their families and approach each new client with respect for their uniqueness and determination to help them achieve maximum health and wellbeing.

CEASE therapy can also be used for other developmental issues and a range of behavioural issues including ADHD.


Testimonial from Stacey, Birmingham

My 11 year old son, Elliot, has autism.
Since being treated with Cease for just over a year now, he has improved bowel function resulting in medication being greatly reduced.  His communication has also improved and school are always commenting on his achievements in class and general improved behaviour around school.
Cease is a simple and easy method to use and I am also treated homeopathically by Chris now for skin issues. I would highly recommend Chris as a practitioner.



Testimonial from Sarah, West Midlands

My nine year old son with Aspergers syndrome has been using CEASE therapy for about a year now. In that time we have seen gains in his ability to cope, his general well being, his concentration and he is more socially connected. This has made a big difference to his day-to-day life – he is able to function well in a mainstream school with less anxiety and has a number of close friends. I would recommend CEASE therapy to any parents of children with autism – it is easy to apply and gives real results.