Christine Hytch

BA (Hons), PGCE, MLCHom.
Certified Cease Practitioner.

Tel: 01566 781 836


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Clinic Details

  • Warbstow, North Cornwall – appointments available at a range of times including evening and Saturdays.
  • Nature’s Way, The Square, Holsworthy, Devon –  please contact me for details.
  • Skype appointments also available. Please contact me to arrange a Skype appointment. If you do not already use Skype it can be downloaded for free from the following link: skype


Cease  Adult/Child Duration Price
First Appointment  Child

60 – 90 mins

Follow-up Appointment. Child 30 – 45 mins £40


Homeopathy Adult/Child Duration Price
First Appointment

Infant and under 5′s


20 mins £20


( 5 -  16 yrs)

30 mins £30
 Adult 60 – 90 mins £50
Follow-up Appointment.

Infant and under 5′s

15 mins  £15


(5 – 16 years)

30 mins £30
 Adult 45 mins  £40

 Confidential Client Questionnaire.

It would be very helpful if you completed a confidential questionnaire before your first appointment.
You can do this online or manually using the options below.
(If you wish to complete the form by hand and post it please contact me and I will send you my address.)

Online Word PDF 

Testimonial from NG, Gloucestershire 

When you are experiencing an episode of poor mental health – then you are
surrounded by advice- do this-do that; read this-read that; behave this way
or that.
The trouble with the very condition – is that you can do none of these.
Homeopathy – helped me as it gave my body the chance to heal itself- so it bypassed my barriers and just sorted the problem
How? Why?
Am I bothered?
Just that it worked – is sufficient