Christine Hytch

B.A. (Hons), PGCE, MLCHom

Certified Cease Practitioner

Tel: 01566 781836 M; 07882 099082


  • Warbstow, North Cornwall - Mon - Sat, including evening appointments

  • Skype, Zoom and telephone appointments also available

Please contact me to book an appointment



1st appointment                                   £50

Follow up appointments                     £40

Children (under 16 years of age)

1st appointment                                  £30

Follow up appointments                    £25

Testimonial from N.G. Gloucestershire

When you are experiencing an episode of poor mental health you are surrounded by advice - do this, don't do that; read this or that; behave this way or that way.

The trouble with the very condition is that you can do none of these.

Homeopathy helped me as it gave my body the chance to heal itself. So it bypassed all of my barriers and just sorted the problem.

How? Why? Am I bothered?


Just that it worked is sufficient.

Thank you

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